SamZ Official

Welcome To SamZ

Dear our beloved Players/Users/Investors,
We are proud to present to you the game SamZ. The game which inspired by the brave Samurai warriors the game where you will have enjoyable time playing and also earning exclusive rewards.
We are professional game developers with many years of experience in the cryptocurrency market in general and blockchain games in particular. Our team consists of people who have worked in the technology industries for many years and are highly capable in creating top games with addictive gameplay mechanisms. We see the value of all the games in the world where it's important to be entertaining. And, now we can combine it with the Play-to-Earn mechanics to become even more entertaining for our players.
Our ambition is to build an ecosystem in the Blockchain economy that delivers sustainable value to our users and investors.
Please read our Whitepaper and discover great earning opportunities from SamZ.
Finally, thank you for being a part of the SamZ community!
Team Samz.